Homeschooling Your Kids Can Be Simple and Fun!

At Everyday Homeschool, we help new & on-the-fence homeschooling families figure out WHAT to do for preschool through 5th grade at home and HOW to do it.

What Readers Say

The practical advice here has been a huge encouragement to our family’s homeschooling journey. Whether you are just considering homeschooling or have many years under your belt, I think you will find the content here both applicable and refreshing.

— Jocelyn R., homeschooling mom of 4

What a relief! The advice here is like a breath of fresh air. The home school journey felt so overwhelming when I was just beginning. The emails help me rest in knowing that just doing life with my littles is a huge start to their at-home education. Thank you so much!

— Jodi S., homeschooling mom of 2

Teach your kids with confidence and joy!

I never thought I would homeschool. But, 10 years ago, someone handed me a homeschooling book and it resonated with me. I started to have this sense somewhere deep down that we should consider it.

The more I looked into it, the more it made sense for our family. But one big question nagged at me: How would I know if I was doing enough? 

Maybe you’re considering homeschooling, but wonder, “How will I know what exactly to teach?” 

Or perhaps you’ve decided to give it a try, but you often feel like you’re floundering or not getting enough done. (Me too, sometimes!) 

My free 5-day email course provides 4 keys to letting go of that exact fear: What is enough? You’ll be enrolled in the course automatically when you download the free literacy guide below. 

These resources will help you get you started on your family’s own unique education plan, even if it’s not full time homeschooling.

You are your child’s first & primary teacher, and I’d love to help you find joy & confidence in teaching them.